Cost & Requirements of a Minecraft Server for Making Money

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The computer game Minecraft holds a unique place in the hearts of gamers everywhere because it is one of the most well-known and often played games of all time. The game’s pixel-based graphics, captivating and inventive gameplay, and committed development in additional upgrades have made it an increasingly well-liked multiplayer gaming alternative well into 2023. With further improvements and material planned for the game by Mojang, the popularity of Minecraft and its seemingly continuous stream of multiplayer sessions do not appear to want to slow down anytime soon .The game’s enormous success has also directly contributed to its monetization by gamers who now generate income via Minecraft servers. Making money with Minecraft can be done in a variety of ways. The most effective of these ways to make money is by running your own profitable Minecraft server. However, a lot of users frequently overlook this chore and ruin the creative process. To make up for the initial investment and turnover profit, I will first discuss the prerequisites and the typical cost of a Minecraft server in this article before moving on to how to earn money with Minecraft.

Server Requirements For Minecraft:

The first step is learning about the fundamental and important criteria of a Minecraft server if you’ve given it some thought and want to start your own server. The hardware that you choose to use is the most crucial of these hardware selections. Each server is made up of hardware components that are essential for processing the game’s content when played online.

In general, there are two major ways to host Minecraft. The first is utilising your own computer, which will demand more hardware. This approach is not very effective because the resources will be diverted from the game hosting process to other activities that will use valuable resources. Additionally, there are several physical restrictions on the amount of hardware that can be installed on a PC.

A dedicated remote server is used in the second technique. Because your Minecraft server will only be hosted on this dedicated server, your costs will go down and the effectiveness of your hosting will skyrocket. You may estimate the cost of a Minecraft server by calculating these criteria.

RAM For A Minecraft Server:

RAM is one of the two hardware elements that will have the most impact on the gameplay experience on your Minecraft server. In order to prevent lag or stuttering for players, you must ensure that your online Minecraft world has adequate RAM to handle calculations. It’s definitely not what you want for the server to crash as a direct result of RAM exhaustion in some circumstances. As far as RAM requirements go, you may launch a Minecraft server with just one GB as long as your server is just utilised to host Minecraft. However, a minimum of 6GB RAM is advised if you wish to execute regular backups and other fundamental server operations. If you need assistance figuring the RAM amount to establish your Minecraft server fee, you may follow our method to determine the necessary quantity with ease. This number will increase as more players join in

CPU for A Minecraft Server:

The other crucial component of hardware that need special attention is the server processor, or CPU, which has even more intricate implications for the performance of your Minecraft server. The amount of processing power you require closely correlates with the number of people and events on your Minecraft server, much like RAM does. If you want to earn money in Minecraft, a good CPU unit is a need. A Pentium 2.0 GHz processor can do the trick if your server is solely intended for hosting games with friends (1–5 participants), but a server with 20 players or more will require a potent Intel Core I7 or AMD Ryzen 7 CPU. Calculating the precise amount of CPU you require can be time-consuming and complicated, so read our in-depth article on selecting the finest server CPU instead.

OS For Minecraft Server:

To configure and operate the server through it, your server must have an OS. MacOS, Linux, and Windows—the three main desktop operating systems—are all supported. Linux OS is preferable to Windows, even though Windows arguably needs the fewest third-party apps and add-ons to run a Minecraft server. Although UNIX is required to host through Linux, it is considerably simpler to operate the server due to the general interoperability with Linux distros like Ubuntu. As a last benefit, Linux distros also use a lot less server resources, which results in a little bit greater efficiency.

Domain For Minecraft Servers (Optional):

Your user base will be able to connect to your Minecraft server even if you don’t have a domain name for your access address. However, it is imperative to have your server’s name displayed as often as possible, along with your server address, in order to properly sell and advertise your server. The ability to use your server name as part of the server address and substitute your Minecraft server’s generic IP address with that name is made possible by having a domain, which will greatly aid in your ability to market and recruit new players to your server.

Costs Of A Minecraft Server:

How much a Minecraft server is worth is a frequently asked question here. The number of players who are actively playing on the server will determine how much your Minecraft server will cost. You will need to invest in more hardware as there are more players on your server to ensure that it operates as effectively as possible. This leaves the question of how much a Minecraft server costs open to interpretation. You might be able to host a small Minecraft server for you and a few buddies for free.

But when the number of people increases, it is commonly known that the cost of the Minecraft server will also exceed $100 per month once you have more than 700 players. Do you wish to reduce the price of your Minecraft servers? Or perhaps you think there is a lot more to learn about Minecraft hosting before deciding to use it. Visit our comprehensive guide on running a Minecraft server to learn more about what constitutes a well-optimized server as well as to see a list of the top 10 Minecraft server providers.

How To Get Rich Playing Minecraft:

Let’s go right to the point—making money on Minecraft—now that the conditions for launching a Minecraft server have been established. Some of these minecraft  money-making strategies will directly involve the minecraft server you just set up. Others, though, will play complementary duties to your server and won’t be directly involved, though you can still utilise them to promote it and draw in more users. Here are 10 surefire ways to manage your Minecraft server costs and generate income from your server.


Tebex will be discussed first since it is the only one of these solutions that isn’t a straightforward method of earning money using Minecraft. Tebex is an internet programme that you may connect to your game servers to manage the accounting portion of those servers. It provides you with a payment gateway so you may charge for the server, manages your accounts, offers statistics so you can figure out things like the cost of your Minecraft server, and aids in marketing and advertising your server. Even while it doesn’t immediately assist with earning money, the insight and efficiency flow helps you manage, operate, and monetize your server more effectively while also saving you time and effort. Tebex will cost you about 2% for each transaction in exchange for its helpful services.

Become a Partner in Minecraft

You can sign up for the Minecraft Partner Program if, in addition to being an ardent Minecraft player, you are also a designer and an online content provider. Naturally, Mojang Studios won’t accept every applicant. You will need to have an attractive prior work portfolio and résumé, as well as the ability to accurately respond to their queries. However, after you sign up, you may utilise their platform to sell a variety of items with a Minecraft theme. Items, cosmetics, texture packs, add-ons, servers, worlds, and much more.

Fee for Membership 

The simplest way to make money on Minecraft to offset your initial investment and turn a profit is to charge a membership fee. You can make money off your Minecraft server using a variety of membership fee strategies. You can limit access to certain features or make the server solely available to paying users. But be aware that you will need to proceed gradually with this. If a new server tries to charge a membership fee right away, it won’t be successful because it has no reputation and few players. It’s preferable to hold off on adding a membership charge until you have a significant player base.

The Play Of Minecraft (Twitch) 

Nowadays, the key to earning money from video games is streaming. Do you feel at ease speaking in front of the camera? Are you able to create engaging game content? Afterward, sign up for Twitch and launch your broadcasting career. There are numerous methods to generate money on Twitch. You can have the opportunity to become a Twitch Partner with its own rewards and advantages after a certain point. You can quickly amass a sizable sum of money from donations on YouTube if you build up a sizable audience. Being well-liked on Twitch is a great way to promote your server there and draw in new users.

Establishing A YouTube Channel For Minecraft

The king of online video content, YouTube, features gameplay footage of well-known games like Minecraft as a significant percentage of its most popular content. The benefit of running a Minecraft-specific YouTube channel is that you can create a significant amount of your material while playing and streaming on Twitch. The videos can be edited to better fit the YouTube interface before being posted. Another well-known medium where you may promote your Minecraft server is YouTube, where views from advertisements can generate large sums of money.

Obtaining Sponsorship 

If your Minecraft server has a significant player base or is widely displayed on streaming websites like YouTube or Twitch, you may be able to exploit its exposure as a marketing tool for other companies willing to sponsor you in exchange for including their brand as part of your server. With this technique, you can make money on Minecraft without a server. But if you are well-known on video and streaming sites, you might consider creating your own server as a second source of income in addition to potential sponsorship opportunities.

Selling Accounts On Minecraft 

As items that can be purchased and traded in the world of Minecraft, Minecraft accounts can be rather lucrative. Each account is valued on the market based on a variety of awards and parameters. But the main characteristics that characterise a Minecraft account’s worth are its cosmetic goods, uncommon records, achievements, and perhaps even its username, if it is uncommon enough. If you play consistently, you can keep creating new accounts, level them up, and then sell them for a profit. Selling your accounts will be simpler if you are already a member of the aforementioned Minecraft Parent Program.

Money For Minecraft 

As the main method of Minecraft income, I have mentioned donations on Twitch. Since the server is presumably currently free for users, only a tiny percentage of them are likely to support you with donations in the early stages of your Minecraft server. You might list the cost of your Minecraft server as one of the reasons why you need donation support. Donations will lose their effectiveness as a monetization technique when the server grows and you add more membership fees because you will already be charging for the service.

Skincare From Minecraft 

As was already mentioned, cosmetic items from Minecraft may be rather expensive. You may simply sell expensive Minecraft cosmetics for cash on several marketplaces if you have any. However, since you may make and sell your own cosmetics, this is only a portion of it. Additionally, you can create cosmetics that are specific to your server and charge users for them in accordance with a tier system. The players are not the only focus of cosmetics. You can produce texture packs and other appearance modifying packages, sell them, or use them to improve the appearance of your server to draw in additional players. A fantastic approach to lower the cost of your Minecraft server is to sell cosmetics on it.

Minecraft Products 

When you have a sizable Minecraft server or presence, you should choose this option. Since Minecraft is the most played game of all time, it is simple to create and sell products inspired by this charming pixelated title. T-shirts, accessories, toys, pillows, and other creative objects can all be decorated with the distinctive Minecraft look before being sold. You can advertise the sale of these things on all the channels listed above and employ cutting-edge strategies like drop-shipping to reduce the cost of manufacture and shipping. You should have stopped worrying about the expense of your Minecraft server by this time.


The enormous popularity of Minecraft presents a fantastic chance for gamers and tech professionals to make money. To make sure you get the most out of hosting your Minecraft server, there are pitfalls to watch out for along the route, just as with any other financial endeavour.  Consider choosing VPS as your server if you’re wanting to reduce the cost of your Minecraft server while retaining quality.

Cloudzy provides low-cost, incredibly adaptable anti-DDoS gaming servers that are designed to run the most well-known games in the world in a multiplayer setting, like Minecraft. You can choose from a number of flexible billing options and payment options, and the servers support over 15 global locations created to provide the lowest latency for players from across the world! With Cloudzy, you may begin your adventure to reduce your Minecraft server costs and earn money playing the game.


How Do I Become a Partner in Minecraft?

To participate in the official program you must apply, and the requirements for acceptance typically centre on your prior résumé and portfolio as a content developer and designer. Once you’ve been approved, you can start making money by selling your minecraft content.

Should My Minecraft Server Have Mods?

Consider reinvesting some of your profits to pay moderators to ensure that no one cheats and that the server works according to order once the player population of your server reaches an untenable level for one person.

What Does a Minecraft Server Cost on Average for 100 Players?

Nearly 10 GB of RAM and a respectable CPU would be needed for a server with 100 active players, costing about $25 per month.

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