In 2023, The Top 10 Windows SSH Clients

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It can be difficult to choose the finest SSH client for the Windows operating system. One of the most widely used protocols for remote connections is SSH (Secure Socket Shell). People connect to their remote servers using SSH for a variety of reasons. It’s the primary method for setting up your gaming server, web hosting, and other services, adjusting Remote Desktop, and more. SSH aids in creating a tunnel so that private information can be safely transferred from an unprotected Internet connection to a secure connection. The SSH client is a piece of software that connects to remote systems using the SSH protocol. The best SSH client for Windows in 2022 will be determined by comparing the top 10 contenders in this article.

What is SSH, exactly?

The finest SSH client for Windows is the primary topic of this essay. It might also be simpler if you are familiar with the SSH protocol’s fundamentals and the encryption mechanism it uses. As you may already be aware, Secure Shell (SSH) is one of the greatest cryptographic network protocols for strengthening the security and dependability of an unreliable network. Standard applications like remote command execution, remote command-line access, and remote desktops can all be secured with SSH. However, this protocol can be used to secure any online activity. In order to achieve this security, a tunnel will be created and encrypted. This tunnel will connect using SSH client software and a client-server architecture.

There are a few SSH clients for different operating systems, even though SSH is typically used to access Unix-like operating systems (like the majority of Linux distributions). Therefore, a Windows SSH client is available (Windows 10 uses OpenSSH as a default SSH server and client). So let’s get started by introducing and contrasting the top SSH clients for Windows candidates.

Top 10 SSH Clients Compete to Be the Best Windows SSH Client

The primary goal of this post is to introduce the finest SSH client for Windows. If you are familiar with the fundamentals of the SSH protocol and the encryption mechanism at work therein, however, it might also be easier for you. As you probably already know, one of the best cryptographic network protocols for making an unreliable network more trustworthy is Secure Shell (SSH). Standard applications like remote command execution, remote command-line access, and remote desktops can all be secured with SSH. However, this protocol can be used to secure any online activity. In order to achieve this security, a tunnel will be created and encrypted. This tunnel will connect using SSH client software and a client-server architecture.

There are a few SSH clients for different operating systems, even though SSH is typically used to access Unix-like operating systems (like the majority of Linux distributions). That implies you can utilise the Windows SSH client (Windows 10 uses OpenSSH as a default SSH server and client). So let’s begin by outlining and contrasting the potential candidates for the best SSH client for Windows in 2022.


One of the top SSH clients for Windows in our SSH clients category is MobaXterm. For network administrators that need to access UNIX-based systems like Solaris, HP-UX, and others like them, it is the perfect client. It is the same as connecting to PuTTY to connect to MobaXterm. Nevertheless, it contains additional features including an inbuilt X server and compatibility for more external protocols (e.g., FTP, SFTP, RDP, Telnet, VNC, XDMCP, rlogin). In 2022, MobaXterm will be the ideal SSH client for Windows 10. The following is a list of some of this SSH client’s positive attributes:


  • Establish sessions using SSH, RDP, FTP, XDMCP, VNC, rlogin, Telnet, or Serial.
  • Remote Unix Desktop with Graphical SFTP Browser and XDMCP Protocol SSH Tunnel for Port Forwarding
  • Execute Unix commands.
  • The choice to download necessary files and use plug-ins to start remote sessions
  • X11 Server with automatic session saving to protect your work
  • Multi-Execution Enhanced x Extensions
  • Embedded Tools and Servers
  • Embedded Text Editor for Remotely Editing Remote Files
  • Downloading and Using Unix Tools is an Option Using the MobaXterm Terminal Customizer’s MobApt Package Manager Password Management Recording Macros


Simon Tatham created Putty, a telnet and SSH client for Windows and other operating systems. To learn how SSH differs from Telnet, you may also read this article. This is a serial console, terminal emulator, and network file transfer programme that is open-source and free. It supports a number of network protocols, including SSH, SCP, raw socket connection, rlogin, and Telnet. The following are some of PuTTY’s most notable features:


  • Controlling the SSH encryption key enables the use of different remote desktop terminals and alternative cyphers including DES, Blowfish, AES, RC4, and public key.
  • Through GSSAPI Port Forwarding, SSO Support (Remote, Local, and Dynamic) SCP and SFTP clients provide command-line file transfers over SSH for IPv6.


The best SSH client for Windows 10 and older Windows versions is mRemoteNG. With the help of this open-source client, a remote connection can be established quickly. It is made available under the General Public License (GNU). You can use a tabbed interface with the multi-protocol remote connection manager mRemoteNG to make your tasks easier. These are a some of the positive attributes of these SSH clients:


  • Without charge
  • Support for Open-Source Released Under the GNU License Support for Multiple Protocols Several Sessions
  • Importing Connections from Active Directory is Simple to Organize
  • File Transfer Assistance
  • The choice to take screenshots of active connections
  • Automatic External Tool Updates
  • Fast Connect Port Scan
  • Credentials Can Be Stored on a Lightweight Device for Later Use


Another excellent option if you’re looking for a flexible and user-friendly SSH client is WinSCP. WinSCP specialises in file transfers and employs a variety of clients, like SFTP and FTP, to enable you to copy and paste files effortlessly and flawlessly between the two devices, in contrast to some other SSH clients that offer you all-in-one services to manage your SSH connection. In addition to using the SSH protocol generally, it also supports and makes use of the FRPS, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, and SCP file sharing protocols.


  • ideal for transferring files
  • Typical File Operations
  • Tools for Advanced Scripting
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Use Portable
  • Encrypting files
  • Background transfers and running
  • Flexible interface
  • conversion of timestamps
  • advanced options for file transfers


ZOC is a terminal emulator and Windows and Mac OS SSH client. This open SSH-based programme includes capabilities including Key Exchange, Authentication, Encryption, Static Port, Dynamic Port, SSH Connection via Proxy, SSH Agent Forwarding, and X11 Forwarding. ZOC is a reliable and stylish application with strong functionality and a substantial number of emulators. It will help you establish secure shell, Telnet, serial cable, and other connections to hosts and mainframes. Among the commercial SSH clients for Windows, ZOC terminals provide four different licencing options: licence for ZOC7 ($79.99), upgrade from a prior version to ZOC7 ($29.99), site licence ($11998.50), and 500 or more users (Get a quote). You can find the costs for its other products, such as MacroPhone, PyroBatchFTP, and Mailbell.


  • Transfer of SCP files
  • a robust SSH connection that is appropriate for low-end networks
  • generator of SSH keys for clients
  • forwarding of static ports
  • sophisticated X11 forwarding
  • port forwarding that is dynamic
  • Encryption for files and data
  • SSH connection is proxy-compatible.


Developers and system administrators will use terminals to regularly connect to Linux servers from Windows computers. It is open to Telnet, SSH, RDP, VNC, and RAS connections. The user interface is tabbed. You will be able to save the login name and password for distant servers, enabling one-click connection. You can establish a collection of servers in Terminals and connect to them all with a single click. It is possible to save multiple user credentials for the same server. With these characteristics, Terminal is a fantastic and simple-to-install tool for companies that depend on multi-user SSH operations.


  • Due to open-source, there are great features and advancements.
  • Integrated screenshot tool
  • support for a variety of protocols, including Telnet, RDP, VNC, VMRC, and SSH.
  • enables you to fast rejoin by using your saved data to quickly re-connect to past connections.
  • outstanding multi-session support
  • Adjustable windows
  • advanced programme feature search
  • assistance with custom ports
  • Adaptable toolbars


To replace the outdated PuTTY, SolarWinds created SolarPuTTY. Only an open SSH session to distant devices is being upgraded. SolarPutty is the ideal client for Windows if you want to connect your servers, routers, switches, and other components over SSH.


  • Support for SSH, Telnet, SFTP, and SCP
  • Permit remote sessions to be saved
  • Sessions for Import / Export
  • Automatic Reconnection in the Event of an Interruption
  • Using a single console to Manage Multiple Sessions
  • Support for a dedicated search bar Access Scripts
  • Integrate Credential Login With Windows Free of Charge


SmarTTY is another SSH contender for the best SSH client for Windows. A free SSH client with several tabs that can simulate the SSH terminal is called SmarTTY. It is an excellent SSH client for Windows 10 and older versions and only operates on Windows.


  • Excellent Replacement For PuTTY Regular Updates
  • Several Sessions Encourage public key authentication.
  • Multi-Tab SSH Sub-Session In A Single Session
  • Making File Copies and Transfers Using SCP
  • Xming and Terminals Included
  • GUI File Panel for Smart Terminal Package Management

9.Bitvise SSH

Another SSH client that prioritises speed and simplicity is Bitvise SSH. Bitvise offers a one-click installation that is extremely quick. After completing this procedure, you will have access to your own configurable SSH client that enables SFTP file transfers in a graphical interface. Overall, Bitvise SSH is a fairly simple SSH client to instal and use, and it includes all the tools found in the more well-known SSH clients for Windows. It offers top-tier OS integration with Windows and supports all Windows versions starting with Windows XP SP3.


  • Integrated Reconnection
  • Outstanding SFTP graphical file transfer security features file encryption
  • Excellent for SSH port forwarding FTP to SFTP bridge, allowing you to use SFTP even with more dated FTP programmes
  • Access to terminals with support for UTF, VT-100, and Xtreme
  • Version on the go
  • highly adaptable Execution of remote commands
  • suitable for a variety of Windows versions
  • Support for public key authentication using RSA, DSA, and ECDSA with thorough user keypair management.


An SSH client based on PuTTY 0.71 is called KiTTY. You can instantly connect to telnet, ssh-1, and ssh-2 servers with the help of its automated password feature. In this scenario, the password value will be encrypted. A port knocking sequence can be handled by KiTTY. Both Internet Explorer and other browsers, such Firefox, support KiTTY.

The source code of PuTTY was copied and modified to create KiTTY. By writing scripts, you’ll be able to log in automatically. On the command line of the remote computer, you will be able to run commands.

It has a text editor, a chat feature, and keyboard shortcuts for pre-defined commands.


  • Version portable of the session filter
  • support for scripts written locally
  • Repetitive sessions
  • Windows PuTTY fork is tightly integrated with it, and it includes its tools and more.
  • support for various keyboard configurations
  • Encouragement of the Talent protocol

Choosing the Best: Which Windows SSH Client Is Right for You?

Strong candidates were competing against each other in a difficult race. However, there comes a moment when you must decide which SSH client to instal on your Windows machine, and there is only one solution (admittedly, the question is not as dramatic as “is Debian better than Ubuntu,” but it does come up). The fundamental question is whether you want your SSH client to support distant connections using non-SSH protocols as well. Do you think it needs a password manager? Are you prepared to make a purchase? You can choose one of these 10 options by responding to questions like these because they all include the features you would expect from an SSH client and more.

more But in my opinion, the greatest SSH client for Windows in 2022 is still the plain old PuTTY. It is quick, efficient, and doesn’t require a lot of resources because it doesn’t perform anything fancy. Other SSH clients, including numerous forks of PuTTY itself, have emerged to contend with PuTTY. However, it will still be the best overall in 2022. Since it can be challenging to keep track of the qualities of 10 contenders for the finest SSH client for Windows, we will create a table below to make it simpler for you to do so.


Let’s say you’ve chosen the greatest SSH client and are satisfied with it; are you then finished? Can you vouch for your security? not before determining whether the SSH connection on the other end is secure! There are always two ends to a tunnel, and even if it is secure and airtight, what happens at one end can undermine all of your security measures.

Therefore, choosing the best server hosting company is crucial. There is no use in using SSH if the supplier isn’t security-conscious. Cloudzy takes pride in its high-security features, which include a hardware- and AI-powered firewall, intelligent DDoS defence, and other in-house developed technology. Check out our Linux VPS plans, which include 15 distinct locations, access to well-known distributions like Ubuntu and Debian, 99.95% uptime, low latency, 24/7 customer support, a 7-day money-back guarantee, and premier VPS services and server-side security that you can rely on.


Which SSH client for Windows 11 is the best?

Even though we had named PuTTY as the overall winner of the best SSH client for Windows in this post, PuTTY, like many other options, hasn’t been the option that has adapted the quickest. When it comes to Windows 11, Solar PuTTY, a branch of PuTTY, is known to provide the finest performance.

Is SSH equivalent to RDP?

No. Despite the fact that they are both remote access protocols, they take very different approaches to the problem. The primary distinction is that RDP, created by Microsoft, supports Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), which makes it superior to SSH for some applications like online trading. Still, because to its lesser hardware burden, SSH performs better than RDP in jobs like VPN and VPS hosting.

Is There a Default SSH Client for Windows?

Yes. Windows comes with a built-in SSH client that can be used from Windows Terminal. Even though Microsoft’s built-in terminal is functional and adequate for many tasks, it is preferable to use one of the clients mentioned in this article if your tasks require more complex details, more advanced hardware, or a more complex network setup because they are simply more integrated and more effective.

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