Introducing Four New ISP Providers with Residential VPS

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The IP addresses provided by residential VPS are linked to actual home networks. Due to the fact that it assigns you an IP address that is linked to your residential address, they are nearly impossible to block. By doing so, you can successfully obfuscate your true IP address, get around geo-restricted material, and gather information online.

A real residential connection is provided by 99RDP, which has residential addresses for AT&T, Comcast, Sprint, and Verizon. In contrast to residential proxy IP, this service provides a faster and more dependable connection. While residential IP proxies make it obvious the user is using them to conceal their identity, residential VPS addresses create the appearance that a regular residence is browsing the internet. Additionally, there is a sizable price difference. Residential VPS addresses are much more expensive and much more challenging to obtain.

Features Of Residential VPS

  • Residential VPS Are More Legitimate: Because a residential network can only be allocated to a true private address, security systems often have higher confidence in this service. In essence, some websites have the ability to identify proxy connections, and you can find that your data centre connection is blocked as a result. Data centre users sometimes conceal their genuine IPs for harmful intentions because data centre IPs are typically easier to obtain than residential IPs. As a result, blocking of certain IPs is more likely.
  • Usability For Global Releases: Unlike datacenter IP, which only functions where its servers are located, residential VPS allows you to purchase things anywhere in the world.
  • Wide Range Of ISP: With services from AT&T, Comcast, Sprint, and Verizon, 99RDP Residential VPS is the ideal option for getting over geo-blocks.
  • Fewer Bans: Because they are different, these VPS are superior. When IPs are found, data centre proxies are inundated with subnet ban requests.

Plans For Residential VPS

Starting from


Starting from


Starting from


Starting from


40 GB Storage 40 GB Storage 40 GB Storage 40 GB Storage
1GBPS Bandwidth 1GBPS Bandwidth 1GBPS Bandwidth 1GBPS Bandwidth
1 Residential IP Address 1 Residential IP Address


1 Residential IP Address


1 Residential IP Address
4 Core @3.40GHz 4 Core @3.40GHz 4 Core @3.40GHz 4 Core @3.40GHz
0% Fraud Score 0% Fraud Score 0% Fraud Score 0% Fraud Score
100% Fresh IP 100% Fresh IP 100% Fresh IP 100% Fresh IP
Fully Managed VPS Fully Managed VPS Fully Managed VPS Fully Managed VPS


The Benefits of Residential VPS

  • Four Different ISP Providers: offers top-tier services from AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and Spectrum that are brand new.
  • Windows Os Support: Get free assistance with any Windows OS-related problem.
  • Uniqueness: Compared to our Residential and Datacenter IP RDP, Residential VPS is more distinctive.
  • Price: We provide each of the plans for less than $100 while keeping in mind the necessities and dependability of our clients.


Think about your internet usage before determining whether to utilise a data centre IP or a residential VPS. While some tasks can easily be completed with a data centre proxy, other tasks, like video streaming, may necessitate a Residential VPS. Given how expensive a residential VPS may be, the budget obviously has a significant impact. In case you’re unsure, we advise using  Residential VPS. You can move to any datacenter proxy if the necessity arises and your budget permits because they are far less expensive. This process is typically significantly simpler than the alternatives.

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