Rust Installation Guide for Ubuntu 18.04

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A multi-paradigm universal computer language is called Rust. Performance, type safety, parallelism, and memory safety are prioritised. This indicates that all references are properly pointing to memory. It does not call for reference counting or the use of a garbage collection as found in other memory-safe languages. This code was created by Graydon Hoare and Mozilla.language and C++ are comparable in syntax. Rust is used in a broad range of software development projects, from browser components to game engines and operating systems. It is built on the tenets of data security, concurrency, and speed. You can learn how to run Rust on Ubuntu 18.04 from this tutorial.


  • Ubantu Systems
  • Command Line Access
  • Root Access

Using apt, install Rust on Ubuntu 18.04

Make sure all system repositories are up to current before installing Rust on Ubuntu. To accomplish this, we must use the apt package management tool to update the default repository. To update the usual repository, type the following command into the terminal window. Keep in mind that the apt source might not always provide the most recent version of Rust-lang.

# sudo apt update

Once the usual repository has been updated, run the apt command to install Rust.

# sudo apt install rustc

When asked, say “Yes” to the request for more space.

By executing the provided command, you can confirm that the download is complete.

# rustc -V

The result will validate the installation of rustc 1.61.0.

Using the Rustup script, install rust on Ubuntu 18.04

Rust can be installed on Linux in a number of methods, but the rustup shell script is the most suggested one. On the official Rust page, this is the method that is advised for installing Rust on Ubuntu.

Enter the curl instruction after typing it in the terminal to get the most recent version of Rust.

# curl –proto ‘=https’ –tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

Once the installation process begins, you will have the opportunity to select the installation type you desire. You can choose the second choice to customise your installation if you are familiar with installing Rust. However, we will choose the default installation option and hit enter for the purposes of this guide.

We will now add the Rust directory to the system PATH once the download is complete. Enter the instruction into the box provided.

# source “$HOME/.cargo/env”

There won’t be any results from this. Run the version command once more to confirm the download.

# rustc -V

The loaded version of Rust, rustc 1.66.0, is displayed in the output.

Using apt, remove Rust from Ubuntu 18.04

You must enter the instruction and accept the prompt in order to uninstall Rust using apt manager.

# sudo apt remove rustc

Using the rustup script, remove Rust from Ubuntu 18.04

Run the provided command to remove Rust and its related files from your computer. When asked, respond with a yes.

# rustup self uninstall

You can examine the Rust version once more to confirm the procedure, but this time the result will be: No Such File or Directory.

# rustc -V


A multi-paradigm computer language is called Rust. It was created as a tool for creating strong, effective initiatives. I hope the instructions in this guide helped you install Rust on Ubuntu 18.04. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries, comments, or suggestions.

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