How to add a Static Website on IIS server

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Microsoft created the extensible Web server programmes known as Internet Information Services (IIS, originally Internet Information Server) for use with the Windows NT operating system. IIS supports SMTP, NNTP, FTP, HTTP/2, HTTPS, and FTPS. Since Windows NT 4.0, it has been an essential component of the Windows NT family, however some editions (like Windows XP Home Edition) do not include it and it is not always turned on. We learned how to set up IIS on Windows Server 2019 in the previous tutorial.In this lesson, we’ll look at how to replace the IIS default webpage with a static website. You can quickly and easily deploy your website using this strategy.

On IIS, add a static website.

  • Sign in to your 99RDP Dedicated Server first.
  • The IIS services can be accessed using the Server Manager programmes.

  • Expand the default Web Server after the IIS service has been launched.

  • To manage the files on the Default website, use the right-click menu.

  • You may view the website’s default files that are currently hosted under the Manage Website section of the Advanced Setting menu. “%SystemDrive%inetpubwwwroot” is the path.

  • To edit the default page, go to “%SystemDrive%inetpubwwwroot.”

  • These are the HTML files that are hosted by the IIS Web Server by default. Those files can be edited to your specifications. Alternatively, you can replace the file with the source code for your website, and it will display the server IP.

  • Let’s check out our new static website by going to the server IP, which is “,” in your browser.


The fundamental procedures for adding a static website to the IIS web server are now complete; in the following lesson, we will discuss how to add a new website to the IIS web server by specifying the local directory path, hostname, and the port for the Internet. We’ll also look at web app publishing

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