How to Modify the Windows Port RDP

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Do you consider your workstation’s computer security? Want to give it a high level of security? Not to fear! RDP, or Remote Desktop Protocol, can give you that level of protection. The remote is linked to other machines through a Microsoft-exclusive protocol, particularly via TCP port 3389.

Its responsibility is to offer an encrypted channel for a remote user to join the network. But do you realize what gives you more protection than ever? By making a few small changes to your server, you can raise its security degree. When you change the RDP port in Windows, you can make those changes.

I already know what you’re thinking. You are concerned about the potential for the procedure to be difficult. I can promise you that the procedure is not at all difficult. However, when making the adjustments, a Windows registry is required.

I’m going to give you knowledge about the RDP port in this article today. There are numerous solutions to all of your concerns here. It is they-

1. How do I alter the 3389 RDP port?
2. Which protocols are available for RDP?
3. Modifying RDP interface
4. Details about the RDP port number
5. Details about RDP port forward

Why would you want to change the RDP port?

You see, the standard Remote Desktop Protocol uses port 3389. On all of the most recent Windows versions, it provides remote desktop services the authority. You simply cannot discount its appeal.

But this port also carries a certain amount of danger. It is susceptible to brute force attacks because it is a popular interface. The method of brute force involves trying every password that could be used to break into the server. This typically occurs when a server system is lacking an account lockout strategy. Hackers can quickly obtain your login information and passwords.

Because of this, updating the RDP port is imperative. By changing the usual RDP port, you can shield your computer from bots and script kiddies. This procedure will not only confuse the assailants but will also keep the commotion at bay.

The next concern is how to modify your RDP address. The things below should be carefully read and understood.

How do I modify the 3389 RDP port?

When you are about to change your default RDP port, you simply need to adhere to a few basic and easy steps. The stages are as follows.

  • First, select the Windows button (also known as the “Start” button) and type “Regedit” into the search field. Enter the key. The Regedit application filter can then be found. To launch the registry manager, click that.
  • Let’s continue on to the registry sub-key now: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\WinStations\RDP-Tcp\PortNumber.
  • Select “Port Number” before clicking “Edit” at the top of the page.
  •  Next, choose “Modify” from the drop-down option. There is a tiny opening there. Decimal radial is the next step. A new number between 1025 and 65535 can then be entered. Make sure the new port numbers you choose aren’t being used by someone else.
  •  Write the new port number in the Value-Data Field. then click OK.
  • Right now, exit the Registry Editor tab.
  • You must now restart your private server or VPS. When you’re finished, you can use a different port other than port 3389 to view the online RDP.

Always keep in mind that you must now specify the new port number whenever you want to link your system to RDP. By adding a colon and the port number after the name of the server or IP address, Remote Desktop clients can handle it for you.

What protocols does RDP support?

Your RDP address by default is 3389. However, you can select any other RDP option port that is not in use. You could choose options like 3390 and 3391, for instance. They are the obvious alternatives, and attackers may be able to reach them, so you can also avoid them.

The port codes are available between 49152 and 65535. They are more safe than any other port because they are private ports. Pick an arbitrary number greater than 5000 if you want to go for a four-digit number to be on the safe side.

I can suggest that you use the router’s RDP port forwarding feature to send the other port. A TCP RDP channel can be routed from an external IP address.

How can I tell if the RDP connection on my computer is open?

You must start a command prompt in order to determine whether your RDP port is open or closed. Hit the return key after writing “telnet”. Your port is accessible if you see nothing on the screen.

Is using a separate port for RDP necessary?

Okay, sure. Your server system will be protected from intruders if you use ports other than 3389. You’ll get one that is sturdier than ever.

What is port 22 used for?

For Secure Shell Communication, you can use port 22. It allows VMs to receive remote administration.

Need port 139 for SMB?

A network file sharing mechanism is necessary for SMB. To interact with other systems, it requires ports. It makes use of port 139 or 445 for this.

Does RDP now necessitate VPN?

No, the most recent RDP versions do not require a VPN to reach Windows computers. It is also very secure.

Have a reliable emergency system

Your system becomes more robust and the intruder is deterred by changing the RDP ports. Therefore, it’s a good notion if you intend to switch to a new home port.

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