How to Set Up a New Website Using Windows Server With IIS

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Build a new website on an IIS web server that is tailored to you. The Windows Server’s Internet Information Services (IIS) is a versatile, safe, and simple-to-manage web server for hosting anything on the internet. IIS is scalable and equipped to handle the most demanding activities, from media streaming to web applications. You learned how to add a website to IIS in the prior tutorials.Businesses and their users can benefit from extra capability provided by modern web servers. Web servers are frequently used as portals for complex, highly interactive Web-based applications that connect back-end software and enterprise middleware to build enterprise-class systems. For instance, Amazon Web Services offers a web-based gateway for consumers to manage their public cloud services. On the other side, real-time streaming content is provided through streaming media services like Spotify for music and Netflix for movies. In contrast, this article shows you how to use IIS Manager on a Windows PC to establish a new website.

How to Set Up a New Website Using Windows Server With IIS

  • Start by launching the IIS service, which is located in the Windows search menu.

  • To add a new website, open the Windows IIS server menu and then right-click on the Sites folder.

  • Enter your preferred Site name after the Add Website window has opened.

  • Then choose your website’s physical path; in my case, that will be “C:inetpubwwwroot.”

  • After that, give the website a hostname; in my case, that hostname will be Once all the information is entered, click OK.

  • You can view the websites in the list of Sites after the Add Website box has been closed.


To protect your new website, you must install an SSL certificate last. To link your domain name of choice to your website, you must also buy it. Visit the Domain Name/IP in your web browser to examine your website. Examine the entries in the host file to see if your domain is referring to this server.

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