How to Use Terminal to Verify the Version of CentOS

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You should be aware of the OS version you are using for a variety of purposes. For instance, understanding the operating system version makes things much easier when installing software or troubleshooting system issues. Maintaining an updated Linux operating system is also beneficial. The maintenance for CentOS 7 will last until June 30, 2024. How long your system will be maintained depends on your CentOS version. Several commands on how to use the terminal to verify the version of CentOS are shown in this guide.


  • Access To Terminal
  • VPS/Dedicated Host 99RDP (Running CentOs)

How to Use lsb to Verify CentOS Version

To standardise the software system structure, several Linux distributions are working together on the Linux Standard Base (LSB) initiative. To create and advance an open standard that improves interoperability between Linux distributions and enables software apps to function on any system that complies, even in binary form. It is possible to verify the dissemination details using the straightforward lsb release -d command. Run the provided instructions in the terminal to install and verify the CentOs version.

# yum install redhat-lsb-core -y

# lsb_release -d

How to Use hostnamectl to Verify the Version of CentOS

The following utility is included with CentOs versions by default. The hostnamectl command can be used to verify the system hostname and other system-related data. Examples include the current kernel version, machine Number, system hostname, operating system information, and more.

# hostnamectl

Steps To Check CentOs Version Using rpm

The command-line tool rpm is used to manage, search, and analyse rpm packages and system-related data. To check the CentOs version using rpm, type the provided command in the terminal.

# rpm –query centos-release

How To Verify CentOS Version Using The Os-Release File

To obtain OS version details from the os-release file, use the provided command.

# cat /etc/os-release


This article taught us four ways to use the terminal to verify the version of CentOS. That’s all I have right now! Please let us know if you are aware of any additional techniques that should be included. Visit the provided link for more details on CentOS releases.

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