Joomla vs. WordPress: Which Is The Best CMS For Your Website?

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Do you have any questions concerning Joomla or WordPress for your upcoming website? There are numerous benefits to using WordPress. The fact that it is not the only content management system that aids in website development is maybe most crucial. Both platforms are renowned for their usability, extensive customizability, and vibrant communities. Both WordPress and Joomla have advantages and disadvantages, yet both can be utilised to build contemporary websites. We’ve already compared hosted options like Squarespace versus WordPress in some detail. Do the same thing now for Joomla. For you to have a better understanding of each platform, we examine each content management system. Now let’s compare WordPress and Joomla.

WordPress vs. Joomla: Market Share Information

43.0% of all websites that are still active online utilise WordPress. As a result, the platform now has a 64.3% market share of all websites. In the standings, Joomla is now ranked fifth. The platform has a 2.5% CMS market share and is used on 1.6% of all travel websites.


putting WordPress out of the picture for a second. In comparison to its rivals, Joomla isn’t usually doing too poorly. It now falls under Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify. Yet, it is easily ahead of other CMS brands like Adobe Systems and Drupal.

Joomla vs. WordPress: Major Differences

Founded in 2003, WordPress was initially regarded as a platform for operating blogs, or, more specifically, for the creation of blogs. Yet, it has developed significantly since then. The platform is easy to use; you can build any type of website and customise it using WordPress’ extensive library of plugins and themes. and are independent websites:

The hosted version is at Simply establish an account, select a plan, and start building your website right away. A CMS that is self-hosted is Although you have full control over your website, you may want to download the software to your laptop and find your web hosting. This post will provide a more thorough analysis of, an Open Source platform that makes Joomla comparisons simpler.


A premier Open Source CMS platform that was introduced in 2005, Joomla is also written in PHP and stored in a MySQL database.

As an Open Source CMS rather than one that is hosted, Joomla is free and available for usage by everyone. It was created with the intention of giving users a scalable approach to build their websites and applications without any coding knowledge.

Ease Of Use

While having comparable hosting availability, WordPress’s dashboard takes far less time to understand than Joomla’s. Even novices with limited technical experience may easily navigate the admin panel and manage their websites.

Management of content

WordPress is a better choice for blogging than Joomla because it has a powerful content management system. Handling a large amount of stuff is made much simpler by having the ability to design a unique taxonomy.

Optimizing for search engines

When comparing Joomla and WordPress, both platforms come equipped with adaptable search engine marketing tools. But, WordPress includes high-quality, user-friendly search engine marketing tools to make up for any shortcomings in Joomla’s default functionality.

Official Support

Both CMSs have a number of active groups that provide thorough instruction. WordPress does have a little advantage over Joomla, though, as more specialists have chosen to concentrate in WordPress than in Joomla, increasing the size of the active network.


Because WordPress has a more extensive collection of plugins than Joomla, it defeats Joomla. WordPress also makes the process of activation and setup much quicker and easier.


With more security plugins than Joomla, WordPress has a stronger chance of thwarting intrusions. Beginners may find the setup method challenging, but you can typically find guidance from internet courses or hire an expert for assistance.


Both WordPress and Joomla have pros and drawbacks. WordPress can be especially useful if you have little to no technical experience. In addition to being very user-friendly for beginners, it offers a wide variety of plugins and topics to expand the functionality and customization options of your site. On the other hand, consumers with technical skills can find Joomla to be a fantastic option. It offers more versatility and capability right out of the gate, allowing you to be creative with your project. Based on your preferences and knowledge, you can choose the CMS that will enable you to quickly release a domain. CMS 99RDP offers managed VPS options and support for both CMS.

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