The Best Antivirus Software For Web Hosting Security

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The two most widely used web hosting control panels are cPanel and Plesk. The most valuable piece of software on the Internet, however, is Web hosting control panels. In contrast, all website-related operations are managed by hosting companies and users. Additionally, the popularity of your website draws hackers, who attempt brand-new system intrusions every day. Security is always a top concern for anyone using a web hosting provider, even when considering web hosting. The finest antivirus toolset helps service providers and consumers defend against assaults, viruses, and malware, and we examine it in more detail in this post.These toolkits provide 24/7 security monitoring, thereby ensuring that your website is completely protected. These antivirus toolkits will immediately clean and repair your website if a hacker attack or virus injection takes place. While others provide limitless virus detection.

In contrast, there are numerous free AV scanners available for every operating system, including Malwarebytes and Bitdefender. Surprisingly, ClamAV, ImunifyAV, MalSSH, and CobWeb Defender are the top antivirus toolkits for protecting online hosting servers. The many capabilities of these web hosting antivirus toolkits are covered in this post so you can easily secure your web hosting server.

The Very Best Antivirus Software For Your Web

  • ClamAV \sImunifyAV
  • Cobweb Defender for MalSSH


ClamAV, on the other hand, is a free and open-source antivirus engine that is used for endpoint protection, email and online scanning, and other purposes. It offers users a variety of tools, including a command-line scanner, a versatile and scalable multi-threaded daemon, and sophisticated capabilities for automatic database changes.


  • scanner on the command line.
  • softer sendmail interface
  • Scripted updates and digital signatures are supported via an advanced database updater.
  • Every day, the virus database is updated several times.
  • Support for all common mail file formats is built-in.
  • Multiple archive formats, including ZIP, RAR, DMG, Tar, GZIP, BZIP2, OLE2, Cabinet, CHM, BinHex, SIS, and others, are supported natively.


  • Limited functionality with a primary focus on mail gateway security.
  • no assistance available.
  • Not easy to use and requires numerous command line utility parameters.


Defend your websites against blacklisting and hacking. When we take care of server and website defenses against malware and exploits, keep your websites operating and your traffic/visitors rising. Imunify 360 shields all hosted websites and Linux-based web servers from malware infections, web attacks, vulnerability exploitation, and other threats for web hosting service providers.


  • Integration of third-party solutions using the command line and APIs (CSF/lfd/cpHulk) for automation
  • The scanner’s free edition can find backdoors, hacker tools, scripts, phishing websites, and other harmful threats.
  • protection at the file system level when working with files.
  • cPanel & WHM, Direct Admin, ISPmanager, and Plesk installation support files.
  • Malware cleanup that is automated.
  • Brute-Force Protection for Accounts (for FTP, SSH, SMTP, Hosting Panel accounts, WordPress).


  • ImunifyAV must be configured so that it may begin scanning from cPanel.
  • The primary functions of WHM, including automatic cleaning and more frequent automatic scans, call for a paid subscription, which is offered on the official website.
  • common third-party integrations are absent.


ImunifyAV must be configured so that it may begin scanning from cPanel.
The primary functions of WHM, including automatic cleaning and more frequent automatic scans, call for a paid subscription, which is offered on the official website.
common third-party integrations are absent.


  • Using an injection base, the antivirus stops all requests from malware to the website.
  • The Hidden iFrames scanner can show all iframes that website hackers might have added.
  • It recognizes all varieties of viruses and use a special database to prevent requests from being made to these files.
  • Phishing websites imitate real websites in an effort to steal information and money. The antivirus’s job is to find and block fishing-related websites.
  • A backdoor can lead to a series of attacks if it is not closed. All backdoors are found and sealed by the antivirus.
  • By inserting malware code that is executed on the user’s end, the hacker can modify the web page and receive the stolen data.


CobWeb Defender offers round-the-clock security monitoring to provide complete protection for your website. In the event of a hacker attack or virus injection, we will immediately clean and fix your website. We provide limitless virus scanning. a strong site maintenance and monitoring tool. This model employs our tool to clean and remove malware and viruses from the website in addition to scanning for and detecting all viruses and malicious code already present. You may effortlessly eliminate the malware discovered in the file with the assistance of downtime and the user-friendly tool.


  • Heuristic analysis is a special algorithm that makes it possible to view and find malware and viruses in the binary code.
  • Examine the website’s whole system files.
  • Not every host is willing to grant access without knowing the specifics of SSH.
  • Increase your website protection level and shield it from hacker attacks.
  • Encryption of your website’s components is fully automatic.
  • There is no need for manual labor during installation. By selecting the Start button, all encoding is started.


  • Premium plans are the only ones that provide real-time threat defense.
  • With Premium Plans, there is only 6-hour support.
  • Absence of a 24-hour watch.

Selecting the Top Antivirus Software to Protect Web Hosting Servers

Supporting Various Web Hosting Control Panel

While ImmunifyAV, MalSSH, and CobWeb Defender support a number of hosting control panels, ClamAV is not supported by Plesk. The MlSSH AV is compatible with Plesk, cPanel, and standalone Linux servers. Look no further than MalSSH for a complete solution to safeguard your clients. In addition to identifying any suspicious files, this antivirus toolset aids users in removing malware and backdoors from their websites.

RealTime/ Automated Scanning And Threat Monitoring

The MalSSH toolset uses probability methods to find suspicious items. A file’s structure is examined and compared with viral templates during the heuristic analysis. With MalSSH, you can quickly and easily install a Plesk virus scanner and run routine daily or automated scans of all server files. It puts in the effort and finds all questionable files on your web server. Following a thorough server check, removing malware and backdoors is really simple.

For IT Administrators

A solution created by MalSSH enables you to scan every file on your server and find security holes, viruses, trojans, and more. Additionally, it will do all the job for you and is suited for all Linux platforms. The server virus scanner looks for threats such as malware, trojan horses, and viruses. It accomplishes this by utilizing a heuristic algorithm and datasets from numerous reliable sources. MalSSH is my go-to antivirus toolbox for securing web hosting overall.

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