How Much RAM Does a Minecraft Server Need? +Best Practices for Minecraft Server RAM

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Open-world games like Minecraft let you create and construct things using in-game resources like trees and mines. You can mine, construct, and fight enemies. As you play and learn more about the game, it becomes more entertaining and fascinating. The game can be played in absolutely many ways. If you play Minecraft, you probably already know that you can connect to a server and play with friends or other players on your gaming team.

Knowing the precise recommended RAM for a Minecraft server is essential for a bug-free game with plenty of players and varied modifications. This could become confusing, so you need this tutorial to make sure your Minecraft server is headed in the proper direction. In this blog post, I’ll give you a quick overview of how to construct and host Minecraft servers, as well as the recommended amount of RAM for those servers to run efficiently.

A Minecraft server: What is it?

To allow players to play online and in the real world, Minecraft was built entirely on servers. A server enables online and networked multiplayer gaming with other players. If you are a lone player, a server is already hosting your game. In order for you to enjoy the same game updates, bug fixes, and gameplay as multiplayer games, this is necessary. You must build and run a server if you want to play multiplayer. Since every player approaches the game differently, no two Minecraft servers are the same. There are eight main kinds of Minecraft servers, depending on how you play

  • Creative-This is my preferred option. These servers are for the creative style of play, where you can collect items from the environment and construct things. Typically, the quantity of objects or plot sizes that players can access is restricted.
  • Survival-For the survival mode game, these servers are used. They resemble anarchy servers quite a bit, with the exception that griefing and server exploitation are prohibited on survival servers, which typically have regulations.
  • Minigame-If you enjoy a challenge, Minigame servers will suit your needs. Numerous minigames, including Spleef and Capture the Flag, are hosted on these servers.
  • Anarchy-Because there are no regulations, it can be a little challenging to play on these servers. The language used by players is, shall we say, unsuitable. So think about leaving the Anarchy servers if you want a tidy and adorable game.
  • Roleplay-Players can create their own personas or participate in the roleplay scenario that is taking place in the game on roleplay servers.
  • Personal or Private-The servers that players can independently construct are known as private servers. You can distribute an invite link to your close friends if you run a private server.
  • Hardcore-The only significant distinction from survival servers is that players only have one life. The Last Man Standing gaming scenario works really well with hardcore servers.

Exactly how Do I Make A Minecraft Server?

Let’s learn how to set up and host a Minecraft server before discussing the recommended RAM for the server. A Minecraft server can be made quickly and easily. You must have a fundamental understanding of networking, the command line, system configuration, and network configuration. On your desktop computer at home, you can set up a server. It’s a little problematic since if you host a server from your home network, anyone can access your home network. You can set up your Minecraft server on a virtual private server to shield your home network from threats and criminal activity.Cloudzy offers VPSs that meet the RAM needs you have for your Minecraft server. With various RAM options, Cloudzy’s VPS services are quick, secure, and reasonably priced.

Make A Windows Server For Minecraft

Step 1:Update or download Java

For the procedure to begin, Java must be updated. Download Java if you don’t already have it from the Java website. If you already have Java installed, open it and choose Update Now to get the most recent version.

Step 2: Get the Minecraft server programme now.

From the website, download the Minecraft server software. To launch the server, double-click the.jar file that was downloaded. The server configuration files that you must change will be produced as a result. To keep all the server-related files, I advise making a special folder anywhere on your Windows system.

The EULA for Minecraft is contained in a file with the name eula.txt. To access your server, you must accept the EULA. To make eula=true, open the text file and modify eula=false.

Step 3: Fire up the Minecraft server.

Navigate to the file directory where the server was installed by opening the Windows command prompt. To start the Minecraft server, enter the following command:

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar {server file name} nogui

Note: The server file name is where you must put in the actual server file name.

Enter the following command instead if you wish to use the server’s UI:

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar {server file name}

Or simply click on the Minecraft JAR file.

Once the server is up and running, you can invite team members using either the public IP address if you’re hosting the server on a VPS or your local Minecraft IP address if you’re hosting the server on your home network.

Your team members must launch Minecraft, select Multiplayer, and then select Add Server. They must then enter the name and address of your server. They can now select Join Server to access your Minecraft server once they have opened Minecraft.

Make a Mac OS Minecraft Server

Step 1: Get Java’s most recent version.

Java is preinstalled on newer versions of macOS by default. On the Apple website, you must download Java for OS if you use an older version of macOS.

Step 2: Get the Minecraft server programme now.

Download the files, just like in the previous tutorial, and place them in the specified folder. Open TextEdit, choose “Plain Content” as the format, and type the following text into it.


cd “$(dirname “$0″)”

exec java -Xms1G -Xmx1G -jar {server file name} nogui

Save the file as start.command and place it in the designated folder. Give the start.command file permission by launching the Terminal. Put a space after the command and then type chmod a+x. Press Enter after dropping the start.command file into the Terminal.

Step 3: Start the Minecraft server

Double-click the start.command file after granting it permission. It will launch a fresh Terminal window.

You can invite your team members in the same manner as in the prior tutorial.

What Minimum RAM Should a Minecraft Server Have?

Your system’s Random Access Memory is where all of your system and application data is kept. RAM is in charge of transforming data among your system’s many parts. Applications operate more quickly and smoothly the more RAM they have. Servers are comparable.

The amount of RAM that should be used for a Minecraft server depends on the world size, mods, and player count. Respectfully, the more people and mods you can have on your server, the greater the RAM is. What happens if RAM is low is the question. How much RAM does a Minecraft server need? The amount of interaction you desire in your game will determine whether you can run a Minecraft server with little RAM or not.

The minimum and maximum suggested RAM for a Minecraft server has a limit. You can upgrade to 15 GB of RAM from the entry-level 2 GB of RAM.

Your game would need more memory, and issues like lags and bugs would appear, if your Minecraft RAM consumption surpasses the amount of players and customizations that are permitted for your RAM. The game could occasionally fail if the server requires a lot more RAM than you are giving it. When hosting a server, you would want to prevent these interruptions, therefore be sure to use the required RAM for Minecraft servers. According on player, mod, and world size, the chart below accurately estimates the needed amount of RAM for Minecraft:

RAMNo. Of PlayersWorld SzeNo. Of Mods
2up to 10up to 8GBup to 10
3up to 15up to 10GBup to 25
4up to 25up to 15GBup to 40
5up to 30up to 20GBup to 45
6up to 40up to 30GBup to 50
8up to 90up to 60GB50+
10150+up to 100GB50+

Which is superior? More RAM or Faster RAM?

Bugs will appear in your game if you don’t have enough RAM. However, if your RAM is the recommended amount for a Minecraft server but its speed is poor, you will still have performance problems. RAM capacity is expressed in MB and GB. However, RAM speed is measured in frequency (megahertz or Mhz). The bandwidth and volume of data transported from the memory stick are measured by RAM speed. Due to its impact on how quickly RAM responds to requests, latency can cause lags. So it seems to reason that we would choose the highest frequency to have the shortest latency.

I advise you to upgrade your RAM in terms of gigabytes first, then test your system after your server is operating in full mode. When performance problems persist, choose a memory stick with a higher frequency.

How Can I Give My Minecraft Server More RAM?

We need to allocate the RAM to your Minecraft server now that you are aware of the RAM requirements for Minecraft and have increased your RAM. Directly from Java or through a third-party launcher like Twitch, you can assign RAM.

Memory allocation for Minecraft Server Java Edition

Using the Java edition launcher, you can modify RAM settings. Launch Minecraft and select Installations from the menu. On the right side of your installation, click the three-dot button. Clicking More Options will bring up a new window for you to choose from. The JVM Arguments line is one of the two new options that are displayed. Your server’s current RAM use is displayed in the JVM Arguments line. For instance, Xmx4G denotes that you are utilising 4GB of RAM. Simply alter the number to the desired number, and there you have it! You simply increased the RAM use on your Minecraft server.

RAM allocation for the Minecraft server through Twitch

You can start playing your Minecraft game on Twitch. It can also be used to modify the RAM settings on your server. Navigate to Twitch and select the Minecraft tab. There is a slider in the Java Settings that displays the RAM use of your Minecraft server. You can adjust the slider bubble to the suggested RAM for a Minecraft server by clicking on it and dragging it. Your server will now utilise the RAM you chose whenever you launch your game using Twitch.

Guidelines for Increasing RAM on a Minecraft Server

  • Always leave room for other programs on your system. Whether you are using your home computer or a VPS, do not contribute the whole of your system’s RAM to your Minecraft server. The system itself and other programs on it also need RAM to function, so if you use all of your RAM for your Minecraft server, you will experience performance issues with your system and other programs.
  • Don’t feel that you have to accept a specific RAM need. You can alter the RAM utilisation of your Minecraft server based on your game. You can raise RAM when there is a sudden influx of new players, and you can decrease RAM when there are fewer players.
  • For your server, adding RAM is not necessarily a good idea. The performance of your game can suffer if you add too much RAM. To become accustomed to how your server operates and uses RAM, it takes some time and several experiments.

Hosting A Minecraft Server Has Many Advantages

I understand that selecting the appropriate quantity of RAM may seem daunting. I wish to return to the official Minecraft server for this reason. You’ll realise the value of operating a Minecraft server once you understand its advantages.

1:Your rules, your game

You need a raw copy of the game to run a Minecraft server. More details, please? In essence, you get to pick your world’s style. The rules are completely up to you to decide. As the administrator, you will have total power over this new environment, allowing you to give players different positions and impose restrictions as you see fit. You can play the entire game precisely how you want to.

2:Create your own neighbourhood

You will encounter others who want to play with you when you host a server. You can assemble a large group of members of your family, friends, and even strangers. You get to pick who joins your community and is allowed to use your server. Many of the Minecraft players you see on Twitch and Youtube began with a Minecraft server and a small group of players before gradually developing their own fan base and network.

3:Install mods

You may make an entirely new planet with a Minecraft server and a variety of addons. You can experiment with various mods to improve your gaming experience. You have control over which mods are permitted and which are prohibited as the server host.

4:Make the game suitable for kids.

Parents have little control over what or who their children interact with while they play online. Online games like Minecraft have a lot of potential negative consequences that kids shouldn’t experience. improper language is one example. You may decide what content your kids are exposed to in the game by running a Minecraft server. To ensure your kids enjoy the game without suffering mental harm, you can establish guidelines and limit specific activities.

To Review

One of the most well-known online video games is Minecraft. You can explore and enjoy your own customised game with other people by hosting a Minecraft server. Making sure you are utilising the appropriate RAM for your Minecraft server is the most crucial aspect of running a Minecraft server. Hosting a Minecraft server on a virtual private server is the ideal solution because you can easily upgrade and select a higher RAM without having to undergo any hardware changes. A VPS will also make sure that no malicious or dangerous activities can access your personal computer and network. Considering a Minecraft gaming VPS? To find the plan that works best for you, get in touch with Olivevps


Can you give Minecraft servers more RAM than 12GB?

Yes, your Minecraft server can have up to 15GB of RAM.

Why can’t I give my Minecraft server additional RAM?

If you have the Windows 10 version of Minecraft, you don’t need to modify the RAM settings because Windows takes care of that for you.

Can I give the Forge server extra RAM?

Yes, you must alter the Launch text document in your Forge server installation to change the RAM allotted to Minecraft.

What is the price of a Minecraft server?

The price of a Minecraft server varies depending on the world size, RAM, and player count.

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