How to export your Google Chrome bookmarks

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

Would you like to transfer your stored bookmarks from Google Chrome to another browser? We demonstrate the process. To make switching to another browser as simple as feasible, you can export your bookmarks from Google Chrome in just a few simple steps. You’ll see how to do it from us.

to a Google Chrome note They must first be saved in order to be used in another browser or on a different device. You must save your bookmark collection as an HTML file on your computer in order to do this. We will describe how it operates below.

Exporting favourites from Google Chrome is effective.

The Quick start guide or our step-by-step directions should be followed.

Open Google Chrome and select the three dots in the upper right corner. then choose “Bookmark” and “Bookmark organiser” from the list. If the bookmark bar is visible, you can also right-click on it and choose “Bookmark manager” immediately.

Then click on the centre of the three points on the right. Click “Export favourites” after that.

Decide now where you are. If you’d like, save the bookmarks file. This is referred to as a computer-stored HTML file. Click “Save” once you’ve settled on a location.


By enabling you to export your bookmarks as an html file, Chrome makes it simple to transfer your bookmarks to another browser or machine.

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